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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How NOT To Do The Dogwalk

The following video should not be viewed by those with high blood pressure, a known heart condition, agility phobias, or by any members of extremist animal rights groups. 
Viewer discretion  is advised.


  1. Oh Maggie, I think I just got a mild heart attack. You really lost your footing there. My mommy always tells me not to focus too much on her or my tennis ball in her hands becoz I will end up falling down like you did in the video. Good thing your landed on your feet & not on your back. Last time I fell on my back on onto a rock boulder while crossing a very narrow log during a tv commercial shoot. It was bad & the sound of the landing is unforgettable. But I was okay. Just had a swelling on my back, that's it.

    Love licks,
    Slid Gold Dancer

  2. ouch Kim, yes you can see her hit the right right side on the pointy part at the top.

    I'm glad that didn't phase her and she was OK to go back on. She'll be ready to rock in no time!!!

    Here and K will be crazy beasts when they get back to it - he has at least another 10 days until his pad will be good enough for Agility. So that equals a good 3 weeks off Agility for him, which I think is good for him.

    Once at a trial we saw a dog come off the side but its nail got wedged in the metal frame on the side, and the dog was actually stuck to the frame, it took two or three people to get her nail out of the slit.

  3. Oh my gosh!! I let out a gasp at that!! Poor Maggie, hope she's ok.....bet she'll be more careful next time though!
    I've never worried about the dogwalk, till now that is!, but I get a little worried when Tate flys up that teeter....

  4. EEK!!! Maggie...BEEEEE CAREFUL!!! I know agility gets you going...but you don't want to kill your mama!!



  5. i think most agility dogs did have that kind of experience though...

    i did that myself...