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Saturday, March 29, 2008


It's official . . . we are bored.  I have been used to going to dog classes 3 nights a week but right now we are down to 1 class which is Bosley's rally obedience class. Rally class is fun and we have lots of details to work on before Bosley can compete in advanced. We are in  between agility sessions right now so we have no agility class.  We have been working on some stuff at home, but I am kinda getting bored of working by myself.  I have been practicing fronts and finishes with both dogs.  I am trying to get Maggie to sit closer to me on her fronts.  I was using the clicker to try to get her to nose touch my tummy to make sure she gets in close enough but I clicked at the wrong time and she thought that she needed to touch me with the side of her head.  It took a while to un-teach that because she really focuses on what the clicker rewarded her for.  With Bosley I have been working on drop on recall and he is getting better.  He also learned the hand signal for down (my arm straight in the air) and his downs have been very fast using that signal because it is something new for him.  See . . . we are bored.  Maggie is going for short walks now, and her shoulder seems fine.  I will slowly start to increase the time she is walking and start some slow trotting with her. Maggie is especially bored and she spends a lot of her time barking at us, trying to get someone to play with her. Today Bosley and I went for a nice hike in the coulees behind our house.  The picture I posted is from our walk today.  I wanted to get some wildlife pictures because there are always lots of deer back there and sometimes coyotes, but my battery died so I only got one not so great picture of Bosley and one very blurry picture of a herd of deer.  


  1. Good to hear that Maggie's shoulder is getting better. I bet Bosley had a great time during his walk. Bet he was very interested with those wildlife animals...

    I didn't do so well yesterday during the trial infact, I won nothing! During my run for the Novice Agility, I was too excited till I didn't execute my jumps properly. I was disqualified during the 1st run. The 2nd run, I did much better & executed everything else well but for the last jump, I jumped the wrong way & that cost me to not get a placing. For the Intermediate OB, I did the worst! I acted stoopid in the ring for three or four of the exercises. Mommy was not happy at all but she just entered me for that level for a change.

    Faith on th other hand, brought home a trophy for Basic Jumpers & got a placing in Pre-Novice. I will post about the whole event tomorrow & the videos too. Must watch the funny parts...Heehee!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  2. Poor Maggie!!! She needs a corgi to spice up her days ;o)

    She'll be back in no time....but meanwhile why don't you take Bos out to the field and work on the dogwalk?