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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Well, it looks like we won't be doing a draft test this year.

At the beginning of the year, I was unsure if we would be ready to enter the DDX test. A couple months ago, I decided that we could be ready. We just needed to tweak our behind-the-cart skills and Bosley needed to get used to wearing the backpack for the backpack portion of the test. I was getting excited to enter.

There is one draft test a year in our province. This year it is being held in conjunction with the Alberta Kennel Club's big summer show at Spruce Meadows. The premium list for the draft test came out a couple weeks ago. There is no DDX being offered. They are only offering the DD test this year. I am not sure why as draft tests usually have small entries, so there should be plenty of time to test the few DDX dogs that would enter. The only reason I can think of is because the location it is being held at. The DDX test is very demanding, both in skill and in the type of terrain that you need to navigate. The backpack portion is usually in heavily treed areas with streams and challenging obstacles. The Spruce Meadows area is very flat and bare.

I guess Bosley will have another year (at least) to get used to wearing that evil backpack.


  1. that is too bad Kim! Is there any DDX tests anywhere else in AB this year?

  2. No Jolene. That is the only test on the prairies this year. I think the only other test left to happen this year is on the altlantic coast and that is a bit far to go.
    So I will need to wait.
    They usually only have draft tests in the spring and fall otherwise it is too hot. Maybe that is part of the reason that that Spruce Meadows didn't hold the DDX test. The DDX freight load is heavy and the pack is heavy so it could be dangerous for the dogs to pull all that weight on a 30 degree day in full sun.

  3. What a disappointment, Kim! There are often draft trials on Vancouver Island but I guess you checked those ones out. David Denys would know about anything happening anywhere. In any case, Bosley certainly looks ready!

  4. He looks so handsome with that cart.