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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

MAD Maggie

This past weekend we headed out to the first outdoor agility trial of the year.  On Maggie's very first run of the weekend, she qualified in Masters Standard to finish her Masters Agility Dog of Canada title! 
 To some people this is not a big deal, but for Maggie and I, it is like getting an ATCh - something I was never sure we would achieve.  This will be the last agility title that Maggie and I earn together.  I promised her that once she finished her MADC, she would get to retire from competitive agility.  She will still get to play and do demos and the occasional local trial just for fun but no more trialling.  

Maggie is such a good dog and she really does love to play at agility but I know she doesn't always love the ring and she only does it because I ask her too.  I can really see her slowing down physically and because her poor structure, I do not think it is fair to ask her to keep competing in such a demanding sport.  It is sad to see our competing days coming to an end but Maggie will have fun doing other things. She loves to do agility demos and have people cheering for her so she will keep doing that.  She will get to come out and have fun training but without the pressure of competing, so our fun is not over.


  1. Congratulations to Maggie!!! It's so cool to get titles innit? My boy, River also has poor structure hence he will never compete in Agility & anyway, he doesn't enjoy it that much. He has straight shoulders & upperarm & he's a HUGE dog, weighing over 35 kilos. He could really damage his joints from landing onto the ground too many times. He enjoys doing other things though like Obedience, Doggy Dancing & Field Retrieving.

  2. Congratulations Maggie and Kim! Great stuff!!
    Maggie must be one of the very few Berners with this prestigious title! Maggie...enjoy your well-earned retirement, and have fun!

  3. Awesome, congratulations! Berners sure aren't very common in agility but I think it's so cool to see the unique breeds show their stuff. Maggie will have lots of fun outside of the trial ring now.