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Monday, July 11, 2011

Bad Blogger

I haven't updated my blog in over a month!  What a bad blogger I am.  Does busy and tired count as an excuse for not keeping on top of my blog?  Here is a quick update.

We have been trying to enjoy the summer before it is gone.  We have been doing some obedience and agility training but I haven't had time to get Bosley in his cart for a while.

We were at an agility trial a couple weekends ago.  Bosley earned an Excellent B Standard Q and and Excellent B JWW Q.  That brings our total of 'B' Qs up to 8, so slowly we are making some progress there.

We also did some Scent Hurdle racing the weekend of the agility trial.  Bosley was a good boy (but not too fast after doing agility all day in the heat) and he only brought back the wrong dumbbell once.  He earn 10 more points towards his SHD title.

Thanks to Wendy at Paws On The Run Photography for the wonderful agility and scenthurdle pictures.

Maggie has just been hanging out.  She did an agility demo on Canada Day and had a blast playing agility and visiting with all the kids.

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