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Monday, March 14, 2011

In The Ring

We had another try at Open Obedience this weekend.  I really debated entering this particular show because it was a part of a big conformation show and there was no separate area for the obedience rings.  So,  I went saying that if he was too distracted Friday, I wouldn't go back Saturday.  
Bosley was a bit distracted Friday (lagged on the heeling, ran out to take the high jump during heeling and went to visit the stewards table instead of fetching his dumbbell), but still worked with me and we got through the routine.

Saturday we had 2 runs and he got better each run.  The first run of the day was very nice, but I had a really bad throw over the high jump and Bosley went around the jump on the way back to me.  Other than that, very nice marks for everything else. 

His second run Saturday was the best of the weekend,  Totally up and focused heeling.  Happy, happy in the ring.  That is what I want.  He did decide to step through the broad jump though.  But I was very happy with the rest of it.

His out of sight stays were perfect all weekend and his dumbbell work was good.  We just need to get a routine where everything comes together and I am sure it will soon.  

Thanks to Julia, I have some pictures to share.  (Thanks again Julia)!

Our heeling pattern - love that big face looking up at me :)

Figure 8 - nice focus!

Setting up for the drop on recall.

Bringing the dumbbell.

I love this picture.  Bosley presenting me with the dumbbell.  

We have another trial coming up soon, so hopefully we can get it all together.  I really like obedience, and being in the ring is good experience for both of us, but I do want to qualify one of these trials :)


  1. awesome pictures Kim!!!! He looked great, nice & close presenting the dumbbell !

  2. yay for photos!!!!

    bosley rocks :)


  3. You guys look great!!! He does look very focused - well done! You'll get there - it will all come together very soon, I'm sure.

  4. Love the way he focuses on your face! He's such a big sweetie. Thanks for sharing the pictures. OB & Agility trials coming up for us too. We're now practicing everyday! Hopefully we do well. Good luck on your next trial!

  5. That is awesome!! Do you do clicker training?

  6. Hi Erika,
    Yes, I do a lot of clicker training with my dogs. Bosley's dumbbell retrieve was completely clicker trained. He would not even look at the dumbbell before we stared so it was 100% shaped using a clicker.
    I love clicker training - it is a great way to get very specific behaviours and a great way to let the dogs figure out what you want them to do. I think it really helps them learn faster and retain their training better.

  7. We have just started clicker training class. We are still struggling with heel but I have seen some major improvements!! I'm pretty excited about clicker training. It's nice to see the pros use it as well :-)

  8. I love the focus that Bosley has! He should do very well, Kim. Clicker training is great, isn't it? Our girl loves doing it, too. Makes her think!
    Thanks for the great photos!