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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pole Weaving

Bosley really loves the weave poles so I thought it would be fun to try to take a few pictures of him weaving.

Here is Bosley getting ready to weave.  Doesn't he look happy?

"Yipee!!  Look how fast I can go!!!"

Apparently, weaving needs be done with one eye closed.  Kind of like threading a needle, I guess.

Keep that eye shut :)

Look at the bend in the poles, and those crazy looking legs (and the shut eye).

I like this picture with Bosley's eye peaking out of one side of the pole and a big smile showing on the other side of the pole.

I am not sure how weaving with both eyes shut works?

"Here I come!"


  1. Oh these pictures are awesome!!!!!!!!!! Would love to have Odda learn some agility games. Bosley is wonderful!

  2. Bosley definitely never lost that smile the whole time!I like it that he loves weaving

  3. Great pictures! He looks like he's loving it and, although totally unrelated to the poles, he has such a beautiful shiny coat!

  4. Those pics are so great! I do have to admit, you have to get over how just gorgeous he is to take in the movement in the pictures. Do you have moments where you just stare at him and think about how good looking he is??

  5. those really are super shots Kim!, too funny about the eye!!

  6. Pawsome pictures! I really love your look when you do the weaves.

  7. Hey those turned out great...Bosley is such a great boy..

  8. I love the peeking eye. LOL!!!