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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Maggie and her Kong

When Maggie is eating a treat or chewing on her Kong, she always needs to lay on her bed or on a pillow (that Bosley has left on the floor). She never will just lay on the floor and chew something. Today I looked over and saw this:

There was a flip-flop on the floor in the livingroom (left there by Bosley, of course) and Maggie thought that would be the perfect place to enjoy her Kong.

What a funny girl!


  1. that is so cute Kim!!! I think it is comforting for her to have her "humans" scent by her while enjoying her kong!

  2. That is really funny! She goes know she is a big dog right?

  3. My girl cardis all use something as a table. a shoe, another bone, a book. often my foot which then gets a bit wet and occasionally bitten. They say ths its an accident, but I am not sure I beleive them....