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Saturday, June 19, 2010


For the past few days we have been getting a lot of heavy rain.  Today it is finally sunny again.  We went for a long walk this morning with the intention of getting this weeks photo for Bosley's 52 Weeks For Dogs project.  The river is flooding from all the rain, so I wanted a picture of Bosley posing at the flooding river.

I like this picture of Bosley as we are about to go though the tunnel that runs under Whoop-Up Drive.  I like how his wet footprints show up.

I am very nervous around water, so I didn't want to go right down to the river.  The river is moving very fast and it is very high, so we took the pedestrian overpass that crosses the river.

Walking over the pedestrian overpass is very safe, but I still feel nervous when I see and hear all that water rushing underneath the bridge.  Bosley posed for a few pictures on the bench before we crossed (quickly) over the bridge.


  1. Bosley looks like he is laughing at you for being a frady cat in the second picture !!

  2. Zack and I did the same thing, although when we went down there it was torrential rain so I didn't want to get my camera wet. Pretty awesome to see the river like that. Zack wasn't too sure about the bridge and gushing water underneath - it spooked him a little.

  3. Kim, I know your fear of water so you were very brave to get close to it just to take these excellent photos! I was just wondering how the river was doing and your photos answered my question! Thanks! :))

  4. Awesome photos. I really like the one of Bosley just before the tunnel. I'm opposite of you, I love the rushing water.