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Monday, May 24, 2010

We spent the weekend at an agility trial - the first outdoor trial of the year. Saturday it was pouring rain, windy and cold (just above freezing). I thought the weather was miserable - my dogs thought it was the best agility weather ever! Overall, I was happy with both dogs all weekend. I didn't take my video camera along, so I have no video, but here is a quick rundown:

Advanced Standard 1 - The first run of the weekend and she (of course) got the zoomies, tried to get me to play "catch me if you can", and basically had a fun time. For her silly antics, the judge gave her "the judges choice award" - partly because of how goofy she was, but more so because Maggie really reminded the judge of her friend's Berner who recently passed away.
Advanced Standard 2 - Maggie ran great - we argued a bit about the down on the table, but the rest was good enough for a Q. This finishes her Advanced Agility Dog of Canada Title and she now moves to Masters.
Masters Snooker - We had a great opening and did 4 reds. We were on our way to start the closing when I broke the #1 agility rule - "never take your eyes off your dog". I thought Maggie was with me, but she ducked behind me and took a jump - so we got tweeted.
Masters Gamblers. Our first time in Masters Gamblers and I was very proud of Maggie. Her opening was decent - not a ton of points but enough. The closing was a tunnel and then a send to a teeter with about 20 feet of lateral distance. Maggie came into me after the tunnel and I stepped into her and told her teeter. She looked at the teeter, looked at me and then went right out to the teeter! This is a big deal for me because the teeter is far from Maggie's favorite obstacle and for her to go out and take it from that distance made me very happy. She didn't get the rest of the gamble because I positioned myself wrong and she took a wrong jump - I didn't care - she did a good job.
Masters Standard - I was thrilled with the way Maggie ran in her first Masters Standard run. She knocked a bar and then popped the weaves, but she was well under time.
Steeplechase - ran clean, but at the end of the weekend was losing her oomph so we were just shy of making time.

Advanced Standard 1 - I was trying to keep Bosley moving and got a bit far ahead of him in the opening line and he missed a jump. Heading to the weaves, something outside the ring caught his attention and he ran past the weaves. After I got him refocused in the weaves he ran the rest of the course great.
Advanced Standard 2 - It was pouring rain so I pulled Bosley from this run. The dogwalk is hard enough for him and I didn't want to risk him slipping off.
Advanced Snooker - had a good opening but just barely ran out of time in the closing to get enough points to qualify.
Advanced Jumpers - He was a bit sniffy on the start. We had 5 faults but I can't remember why - a refusal maybe?
Advanced Standard 3 - A nice run with no bobbles that I can remember. Q
Advanced Gamblers - I had an opening planned so that we would get a fair number of points. The mini gamble was jump-jump-turn away to a tunnel and I was going to do this twice in the opening. Easy I thought. But Bosley suddenly had agility amnesia and forgot what "turn" means. I had to quickly make a new plan and wasn't sure if we had enough points. Bosley had no problem with the final gamble - a jump, then a 15' send to a tunnel, then a straight line to the teeter and then to another tunnel. We ended up having enough points (barely) for another Q.
Steeplechase - An OK run, but Bosley isn't fast enough to make time. He had really nice weaves though.
Advanced Jumpers - The last run of the weekend. By now, the sun was out and Bosley said he could not possibly go any faster than a trot with the sun shining on his head. He ran clean but was 3 seconds over time.

Despite the weather, I was really happy with the weekend. Bosley focused really well and his weaves were great all weekend. His distance work is coming along nice and doesn't even hesitate on the gambles (so far anyway). We really just need to work on his speed - that is hard with a big dog who's natural working speed is a trot - 100 pounds is a lot of weight to be running and jumping all day.
Maggie ran well all weekend. She is now in Masters in all her classes except Jumpers. I never usually enter her in jumpers, but now that she is in veterans I think I will start. The lower jump height is making a big difference for her - both in how much more she can do in a weekend and in her attitude.


  1. they did great Kim!! you had some really nice runs with them ... and some great Maggie Face moments :)

  2. sounds like a great weekend for you guys!! Congratulations on Maggie's new title too!!!