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Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Neighbours Must Wonder . . .

There are no alleys in our neighbourhood. We back directly onto the neighbours' yards that live behind us, which leaves very little in the way of privacy in your backyard. Sometimes the neighbours must really wonder about me when they look out their window and see me taking pictures of Bosley posed in the yard looking like this:

I was working on my 52 Weeks For Dogs project this week and since the weather did not cooperate, I did the photo shoot in the yard. There was a challenge this week, simply called "Pop Culture". I wanted to keep a "dog theme" in my project, so I did an internet seach for dogs in Popular Culture. What I came up with was Charles M. Schulz's cartoon character "Snoopy" was the most popular dog in Pop Culture. So I decided to go with that theme and have Bosley pose as Snoopy's alter-ego Flying Ace.

The neighbours must wonder . . .


  1. Oh Bosley - you pose so good! Bet that was fun.

  2. Bosley, you remind me of my favorite pilot of all times! Here is a song about him!
    Happy landings!
    Your fellow flier, Rick