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Sunday, May 2, 2010

This and That From The Weekend

Yesterday we went to an Obedience Fun Match. I was very happy with both dogs.
Maggie did pretty good and placed 2nd in Novice with a 196.5. She lost a couple points for lagging on heeling and a crooked front on her recall. She won a cute stuffed toy for her efforts, which she promptly ripped the head off of, strewing stuffing all over the ring.
Bosley did great in Open Obedience! His heeling was good (got distracted a couple times) but his figure 8 was very nice. He actually downed on his drop on recall - the first time ever at a match. He did take a few steps first, but he dropped. He got perfect points for his retrieve on flat! He was so excited for his retrieve over high jump that he went out before I sent him - oh well, we can work on that and I would rather have that then him not wanting to go out at all. His broad jump was awesome! We haven't worked the broad jump at all for a few months now but he did great. I had to call him to front as his broad jump is still not fully trained. I hope to get some more obedience training in over the summer and maybe be ready for a fall show - we will see.

Today I had full intentions of getting some carting practice in. I should have went out first thing in the morning when the weather was nice because it got rainy (I even heard some thunder) this afternoon. I know we won't melt if we get wet and draft tests go on even in the rain, but . . .

Here is Bosley saying he doesn't mind if it is cloudy and rainy out.


  1. Very handsome dog you are Bosley! Alot of working hours with Maggie and Bosley!

  2. Hmmmm...looks like a mountain dog to me!

  3. Bosley, I can see that you are very energetic and clever... and you also seems like you are smiling all the time :).
    You and Maggie did both well on the match, keep up the good work, guys!