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Friday, December 11, 2009


I have always loved watching dogs who can do a fancy "pop" finish in obedience. Some dogs are very impressive and they do a giant twirling leap into the air, landing perfectly beside their handler. I never gave much thought to teaching this type of finish to my dogs. It always seemed like the kind of thing that a light, bouncy dog can do, not a Bernese (who are not always too light on their feet). Inspired by a combination of a Patty Ruzzo video and very cold weather, I decided to see if I could teach Bosley a pop finish. We have been working at it, a few minutes at a time, for about a week. Bosley thinks this is a whole lot of fun. I started by luring/clicking just a pop-up. Then I added the turn into a finish with a lure. I have now faded the luring and am just rewarding getting into the final position.

Here is a video of what we did today:


  1. he is a good dog!.....that looks great Kim...I may just have to try it!

  2. That's awesome! He sure is a good boy :)
    Vicky (and Claire).

  3. Thanks for sharing the video! It gives me some ideas!

  4. Super cool! I too have never attempted that finish with Loki or Blue, but I may have to! You have inspired me.


  5. I agree - he is a very good dog! Love watching how you train him too~!

  6. he looks so happy and smiley when you're working with him :-)

    Do you have a video link of that sort of finish? I've never seen it.