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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Walk In The Mud

Yesterday it rained . . . a lot, so today's walk was very muddy.  This is what we looked like after we got home.

Maggie and her muddy paws.  Maggie spent the whole walk trying to bite the mud out from between her toes.

Bosley does not care if his feet get muddy.  He actually looks happy to be covered in mud.

More muddy Bosley feet.

Of course the leashes were covered with mud too.

As were my shoes . . . 

. . . and my socks.

When we got home this is what my pants looked like:

And my knee:

My pants and knee, although torn and bleeding, are not very muddy.  Why is that?  Well, we came up to a very muddy spot in the field and Bosley started to leap through it.  Maggie thought this meant she should take off running. Leaping Bosley + Running Maggie = Me Falling.  Do I fall in the mud?  No, I fall in the one patch of dry gravel that is in the entire field.  Go Figure!


  1. that is some mud!! i love their muddy paws!!!

    haha falling in the only non muddy spot is something i would do for sure!!!!

  2. oh Kim! That really sucks! Two berners going two directions can not be a fun thing!

  3. yucks...those r real muddy...

    but i'm sure mudbath is pawtastic