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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mistaken Identity

This morning we got up early and took a trip to Waterton Lakes National Park to do some hiking in the mountains.

A trail through the mountains/forest.  I hope there are no bears ahead.

The dogs were very excited to be out hiking in the mountains.

We hiked up to a little waterfall that is well hidden from the main trail.  The dogs thought it was fun climbing boulders and jumping over logs to get there.  I was just happy that I didn't fall in the stream.

Here we are taking a break.  Bosley thought this nice big rock was a great place to rest.

Here is Maggie posing in front of a mountain.  Doesn't she look happy!?!

Some of the trails that we hiked today were very narrow with lots of turns and of course lots of trees.  This means that you cannot always see what is ahead of you.  We were walking down one of these trails and I could hear people on the path coming towards us.  Suddenly I heard bike tires screeching to a halt and a voice yell "Bear!" and someone sounded their air horn.  I then could see a very shocked looking young man on a bike  - so I stopped walking and looked around for the bear (we didn't want to get eaten).  The guy on the bike then yelled back to his partner "It's a dog".  Bosley was walking at the end of his leash out in front of us and the guy saw Bosley come out around a corner before he saw the rest of us.  The biker came up and laughed nervously, saying he was sorry that he thought Bosley was a bear.  I think that Bosley nearly scared the pants right off of that guy!

Here is Bosley today . . .
. . .  and here is a real bear that we saw today.
Maybe someone could confuse the two?  By the way, we saw this bear from the safety of the car.  I am sure glad we didn't run into him on the trail.

The puppies are all tired out from their hiking trip today and have been sleeping ever since we got home, even Maggie.  Maybe I should take them on more mountain hikes.


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  2. Wow what fantastic scenery! You're lucky to live so close to such an amazing hike - think my BC would love it!!

  3. hahah- "bear" too funny! I guess I could see it if someone was already a little nervous and just looking for movement...funny though. I bet Bosley was proud of himself!

  4. It almost looks like you photoshopped Maggie infront of that mountain. Funny story about Bosley and the Bear!

  5. Oh, what a fun hike you both had! I wish I was there to join you guys...

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  6. What terrific scenery! You, Bosley, and Maggie must feel very blessed to have such wonderful natural parks so nearby.


  7. THAT is the funniest thing I have ever read. I love it, Mag's does look fake infront of those mountains, that should be an old book cover or movie poster

    "Maggie and great big Mountain"

    We should go together sometime!

  8. I thought the mountains in the back looked kind of fake too(maybe I need a better camera), but I liked the picture. I took the picture at Cameron Lake with Maggie sitting on a bench. She was enjoying the nice cool breeze that was blowing off the water.