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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Will You Share . . . Please???

In Bosley's earliest puppy days, before he came to live with us, he must have taken some puppy charm classes, aka, "humans are suckers" lessons.  Bosley is a world class beggar when it comes to getting something that one of us are eating.  He does not beg in the typical way that you picture a dog begging for food.  No whining, no barking, no hopping up and down.  He simply rests his head on your lap and gives you the "eyes".  As long as you don't look directly at him, you are fine;  but the second you look into those big, sad, puppy dog eyes, you are transformed from a strong willed "the dogs will not get any people food" into a "just one won't hurt" person, aka "sucker".  If you don't believe me, bring over your bag of Doritos and give it a try.  Bosley won't mind!
How can you resist a face like this?!?


  1. haha! I love the drool on the pant leg!!! Bosley always gets what he wants! He's too cute to say no to!

  2. Awwwwwwwwwww...My gosh, he is exactly the same as Chloe! She will do the same thing too. Sometimes she will place her paw on my hooman's lap too just to tell them, that she wants one too! For me, neh! I stare with my piercing eyes & droooooooooool!


  3. the drool is the best!!! CUTE!

  4. Hey good job,
    We love the human "suckers", It really doesn't take long to train them to be that way, and worth the effort.
    Cookie and crew