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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sad :-(

Today my daughter and I made a trip to Great Falls, Montana to do some shopping. (The dogs had to stay at home). It is her grade 12 graduation this year, so we went to look at grad dresses and do some other shopping. We were downtown in Great Falls at a dress shop and right across the street was a pet store.  I, of course, wanted to look in it to see if I could find anything for Maggie and Bosley that I cannot get here in Lethbridge.  We walked across the street and I saw they were selling live puppies which were displayed in the window.  I said we shouldn't go in because I won't buy anything from a store that sells live animals anyway, but my daughter wanted to take a quick look at the puppies.  So we went in.  It was horrible!  It was a very tiny store, that smelled terrible.  There were probably about 50 puppies in the store, stuffed in tiny cages that were about 3 feet x 3 feet in size.  There were all kinds of breeds - chihuahuas, pugs, pomeranians, corgis, fox terriers, a bull dog, maltese and so many others.  Most of  the puppies just laid in their cages, looking depressed. The fox terrier spent his whole time scratching to get out.  Some puppies had nails so long that they were starting to curl under.  The very saddest were 2 beautiful Irish Setters.  They were about 4 or 5 months old and barely fit inside their little cage.  They were practically laying on top of each other, because there was so little room. It was heartbreaking. While we were there a lady was cleaning out the puppy cages.  With one hand she used a piece of cardboard to shove the puppies to one corner and with the other hand she scooped out all the old, shredded paper and then replaced it with new paper.  Not once did she touch the puppies or even talk to them. Poor puppies. One thing in the store struck me as very ironic.  There was a  little, handwritten sign that said "All puppies that are AKC registered will be sold with a spay/neuter contract".  Hmmmm.  I guess that is because they care so much about the pet overpopulation problem???? 
So sad :(


  1. When our mom read your post, she was sad. She won't buy anything from a store that sells live animals either. We feel really bad for the little guys.

    Cookie and crew

  2. That IS very sad! I don't like pet shops selling pups at all becoz number one, they don't give a damn about the puppies. Two, they lie about vaccinating & deworming them. Three, they either get them from backyard breeders or puppy mills. And four, they sell them at a VERY high price & some with no cert. Wow, I'm soooo surprised that they say that the pups MUST be sterilized. Hmm, they actually do care. Very surprising! I can picture what you're talking about here...Very sad indeed. And that's why, we were not bought from pet shops but from responsible home breeders.

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  3. Only the AKC registered puppies had spay/neuter contracts. All of the non-registered or cross bred pups had no such policy.

  4. i can't believe that really disturbing.

    i can't believe AKC will register dogs sold out of pet stores, spay or neuter or not.

  5. how sad is that. pretty horrible when you start thinking about how many pet stores do that...and yet people still will buy from them...

  6. And sadly, what many of the people shopping in pet store for a puppy don't realize is that those puppies most likely were born in a puppy mill. A horrible terrible place for any dog....as well as the time spent in a tiny cage at a pet store.......

    Peace + Paws,