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Friday, February 8, 2008


When you have two Berners, you vacuum . . . a lot!  Vacuuming at our house is always a very noisy event and it is not just because the vacuum is loud.  The dogs are even louder.  Maggie is scared of the vacuum but not scared enough to stop her from barking at it continually.  Bosley thinks the vacuum is great fun, so he barks at it while chasing and biting it.  It is enough to drive anyone a little crazy!  Check out the video of the chaos.  Maggie is in the first shot, but as soon as the vacuum turns on, she disappears.  You can still hear her constant barking though...


  1. that is great!!!!! i love that bosley gets in there and tries to be cool like maggie!

    you should teach them how to pull the vacuum like a cart :)

    i've been putting of vacuuming today, BUT now I think I will do it too


  2. Hey, getting them to pull the vacuum is a great idea! It is about time they started "earning their keep".

  3. Woah, they sure can bark a lot! Don't think my hoomans can tolerate all that barking plus the vacuum noise, hehe! My mommy vacuums the house everyday without fail becoz there's alot of hair floating around. Not my hair, it's the fatty Chloe's hair & the boarding dog's too!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  4. haha! you tell 'em Maggie. Boone understands your fear of the vaccumn! Good thing Bosley is there to protect you!