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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Not Every Dog In Our House Is A Berner

Kolbee is an 11 year old Shar-pei who has been living with us since August.  Originally, she was Colin's(my better half??) dog, but she lived with his mom to keep her company.  When Colin's mom passed away in the summer, naturally, Kolbee came to live with us.  She fit right in, being a quiet compliment to the crazy Berners.  Kolbee is a typical Shar-pei - very proud, independent and protective of her family. 
Since she moved in with us she, at times, seemed a little sad which is understandable.  She was throwing up some, which we attributed to the stress of the move.  Over the past couple of weeks she has been throwing up more and during the past week she has been eating very little.  Last night she would not even take a treat and seemed very depressed.  Today she went to the vet and it seems like she may have a bleeding ulcer.  I think that it may be from the prednisone that she has been taking for the past couple of years for a condition that causes her legs to swell with fluid.  It was two weeks ago that her legs were very swollen and the vet gave her a new prescription .  Within days of starting the medicine the vomiting began.  Poor Kolbee.  I am not sure what her prognosis is - she is staying at the vet overnight hooked up to an IV.  Colin is quite upset.  Kolbee is the first dog that he ever had and she looked after his mom so well.  Hopefully we will know more tomorrow.  

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