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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Lean, Mean, Berner Machine

Ok, ok,  "mean" does not fit  a description of Maggie, but "lean" now does.  About six months ago at agility class, it was decided that Maggie needed to lose a couple of pounds.  She was not fat, but had a little more weight than she should have for a dog who participates in a high impact sport.  So I cut back Maggie's food and once the cooler weather was here, she was more than happy to have an increase in exercise.  I began to notice that she was less sluggish going over the jumps at agility and overall a little more spunky in class. Today I took her for a weigh-in at the vet's office.  At her last checkup in June she weighed 85.5 pounds.  Today . . . . . 76.5 pounds!  She has lost 9 pounds in the past 6 months!  I am sure Maggie wishes that she had more food, but she still gets treats everyday.  She looks fit and healthy and has energy to spare.  


  1. Noy sure if my first comment reached you...repeating sorry!

    Hiya Kim...dogs are the best eh! We are novice trainers/competitors too...check us out www.dangerousdoggy.blogspot.com

    Waz 'n' Jake

  2. yay for maggie!!!

    she looks great, and you can really see the difference in her energy, she has been flying over the jumps and does seem alot more spunky, if that is possible!!!!!

  3. wooohooo! Go Maggie Go!
    The difference in her agile-ness is quite amazing!!! And those weaves...we should video them...