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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


This is another "catch up" post from last year.  

The very next weekend after our DDX test, we went to Medicine Hat for an agility trial.  We trialed very little in 2012 - only a few weekends and usually just one day weekends.  We trained in agility on and off over the spring and summer, but most of my concentration was going into training for draft.  

We entered 3 things each day in Medicine Hat.  Bosley only needed 2 qualifying runs for his ATCH - a Snooker and a Jumpers.  You always hope you get those last needed Qs, but I know not to get my hopes up too high. 

Saturday had an awesome Snooker course.  I knew it was totally do-able for Bosley.  We were going along good, only had a few more obstacles to go and I was feeling confident and then ... Bosley decided to practice his distance skills and take a jump that wasn't any where near our intended course. Tweet - off the course we went.  

Jumpers was the last run of the day -  I am never sure how we will do in jumpers because the times are usually very tight for us.  They have been a lot better since I dropped Bosley to veterans, but still, he needs to have a nice steady run in order for us to make time.  The course was tough (as all masters Jumpers courses are) and I wanted to get a but of extra oomph out of Bosley at the end of a long day.  So, I had a friend hold him near the start line and I went and hid.  I came back right as it was time to go to the line - I grabbed Bosley, who was super excited that I came back - dropped his leash and ran.  Bosley was perfect!  He got all the tight turns and the backside of the jump and I got all my crosses in where they needed to be.  We easily made time for our 4th masters jumpers Q and the last one needed towards our ATChC.

Sunday came and I grabbed the course map for Snooker.  My heart dropped - it was an awful Snooker layout - lots of distance and lots of tunnels.  Bolsey does not like tunnels and the really slow him down. I was doubtful we could do it.  Oh well, there are more trials, and we would give it our best shot.  Bosley ran great, tunnel after tunnel combination.  We were getting closer and closer to having enough points to qualify but I knew the timer was going to go at any second.  The timer buzzed and we left the course.  I was adding up our points in my head, still not sure if we made it.  I couldn't wait, so I asked the scribe for my score sheet and added them up.  We actually made it!  Bosley earned his ATChC!  

It took us 3 years from our first trial to our ATChC.  That may not be very impressive to most agility people, but we trial very little - only a handful of times a year.  Bosley is the 6th Berner to earn an ATChC and I believe he is only the second Berner male to earn this title.  I am very proud of my big boy and the things he does for me.  Bosley is a great partner, has taught me lots and I really couldn't ask for a better dog.  


  1. Belated Congrats....our first agility Q was in 2007 and (after a few moves and a years off agility) we're still going so 3 years sounds FANTASTIC to me

  2. I think it is very impressive!!!!!