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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Agility Time

Tomorrow we go back to agility class.  We have not done any agility since our ATChC in September.  That's a long time to be away but I really needed a break and I think Bosley needed a training break as well.  Also, our winter classes are held in a horse arena. It is dirty and dusty and I spend 3 days after being in there coughing, so I decided not to do winter classes this year.

Now that we have our ATChC, I don't feel any real need to be working towards something agility related.  Yes, it is still fun and we will still trial a bit but I don't feel that bit of motivation that working towards a title brings.  I can work on post-ATChC titles, but with how little we trial it is unlikely we will get too far (but a Bronze Gamblers would be nice as that tends to be Bosley's best event).  I would really like to get an AgMCh in CKC agility, but considering there are so few CKC trials I don't know how realistic of a goal that is. I know it is possible if we work at it, we are half way there, but Bosley has had some trouble with his pasterns (no lameness, but they have gotten weak) and so I don't know if I want to jump him at CKC height.  Things to think about.

I am looking forward to going back to class.   I miss my agility friends and cheering everyone on, and seeing people and their dogs grow as a team.  I miss running with my dog and having him chase his bully stick around the course.  It is amazing how quick you lose touch with everyone and everything when you are away for a few months.  I was looking at the class layout for the week and I saw one of the skills we are supposed to practice is blind crosses.  Haha - we used to be threatened with having to put money in a "blind cross jar" if we did one of those!  I guess I was away for longer than I thought :)

Hopefully we don't suck too much tomorrow and we both remember what we are doing.  Regardless, it should be fun.


  1. Isn't Bosley a Veteran Kim? Could he not have a lower height now in CKC?
    I had to laugh about the blind crosses, I started doing them while Kort was in the tunnel, it just seemed more natural to ,me. I have yet to try one with the jumps however, I think it is something the faster dogs need, rather then the pokey ones like mine lol

    1. Bosley won't be a veteran until the end of August and the only CKC agility in the fall is further than I want to travel.

  2. I giggled at your blind cross comments, I have been taking a blind course seminar and have been teaching a bit to my students, the new students love it, my old students who are working on their second or third dogs are freaking out at the FORBIDDEN moves :o)