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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

There's An App For That

Not too long ago, I downloaded a fitness app for my Iphone. It is just a simple GPS program that tells you how far you have walked/hiked/ran and how long it took you. It records your progress and it also maps your route (which is very cool). I thought it would be a fun app to have, but I always forget to turn it on when I start our walks. The other day, I was taking the dogs for their quick evening walk around the neighborhood and I finally remembered to turn that darned app on for once. I was very surprised to find out that our "short" walk was actually 5km (3 miles) - granted, it is all on sidewalk with no hills, so it doesn't take us too long (40 minutes). Now I am curious to know how far we go on a "regular" walk, which is on average 75-90 minutes (when the weather is cool enough, of course). Hopefully, this app is a good motivator for me and the dogs to walk longer distances and try out new hiking routes.

**** A couple people have asked which app I am using. It is the Sprint GPS. I can't remember if it is a free app or not. If not, it was only a couple dollars.


  1. oooh that sounds like a fun one! what is it called?? my new Nike Shoes have a chip that i can link to an iphone app, but what if i'm not wearing those shoes - kind of dumb??

    yours sounds much more user friendly, what is it called?

  2. how awesome, i'd like to know what app that is too!

    mama monster

  3. Hi Sarah and Mama Monster - I am using the Sprint GPS app. I added the link to the post.

  4. Thanks Kim. I just got my phone yesterday so I'm going to try it out today on our walk! I should strap it to Coulee - see how far and fast she actually goes! :)

  5. So apparently I go slow. Like real slow. I went 1.7 km in 4 min. Must be that damn camera slowing me down. :) One day, I'll put it in Coulee's backpack and see what she can do. I'm just afraid she'll take it swimming,

  6. I use a Garmin wrist watch and it tracks my distance and time. I love it. It's amazing sometimes how many miles you cover in an evening walk. I don't have an Iphone but it sounds really cool.