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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I am not the type of person who seeks out attention or public recognition.  Some people thrive on being the center of attention, but that kind of stuff makes me a bit uncomfortable.  However, this weekend at our agility trial, I was extremely honored to be given a Judges Choice Award by Christina Saunders.  She used myself and my dogs as an example of a team that can compete in agility and enjoy agility even though I do not have one of the typical agility breeds.  (There are very few people competing with Bernese in agility and Bernese are almost never seen at the higher levels.)  She mentioned the people she sees that make excuses in training and trialing because they have a breed that is not a Border Collie or a Sheltie and she complimented the way I train and handle my dogs.  I just run my dogs for who they are.  I have had a judge in the past make a mean, off-handed remark to me about Bernese in agility, so to have Christina give me her judges choice award based on the breed that I run, that means a lot to me.  It really does.

I guess I don't think about this stuff too much.  I just have fun with my dogs and don't use their breed as an excuse for not being able to accomplish something. I am proud to run my big Bernese in agility.  I owe much of this to Sarah and Amanda.  They never have any "breedist" attitudes in class and problems are always training issues, not breed issues.  I know not all instructors or schools are like this and I always feel so lucky to have such supportive instructors and agility friends.


  1. it's about bloody time you get recognized for that :)

    i LOVE watching Maggie and Bosley - and you handle them. You are clear with your handling, consistent in your training, you know how to motivate each of them - and that is the magical formula for a SUPER team.

    ... you have the knack to adapt to each dog with no blips, great timing - hell you handled Gyp with never running her, and you did an amazing job ... even had the fastest Jumpers run and Qd that day I do believe :P

  2. I second that Sarah!
    You really are an awesome handler/trainer Kim :))

  3. Kim, the praise was well deserved. You do such a great job with Maggie and Bosley. They are lucky to have you as a "mom".

    As GDG students we are very lucky that all the trainers have experience with non-typical agility breeds and are understanding that not every dog learns the same way.

  4. Thats so wonderful!! A reminder to all of us. Diana

  5. I agree with everyone else here Kim. I strive to be as great of a handler & dog owner as you are:) Your dogs are very lucky:)

  6. Your recognition and award is well deserved! Congratulations, Kim (and Bosley and Maggie)!
    Your dedicated training and the goal of "having fun" with your Berners is an inspiration to me and something we try to emulate with our girls. It is so wonderful that the judge recognized that in you!