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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend News

We had a busy weekend. Saturday, we went to Calgary for a one day agility trial. It was a nice, small trial and we were done by 3:30.

Maggie had an awesome day. She Q'd in Steeplechase! I couldn't even believe it when I looked at the results. She even knocked a bar, but since Steeplechase is a time plus faults event, her time was fast enough to make up the 5 faults. She is never fast enough to make Steeplechase time, never mind to make up time for faults. Yay Maggie! Maggie also got a Masters Snooker Q with 43 points. I did 4 reds in the opening so that we only needed to finish #3 in the closing to qualify, but Maggie was speedy and we finished all the way to #5 in the closing. Maggie also had a 32 second Jumpers run, but because she was faster than I expected, I couldn't get a front cross in where I planned, so I caused her to drop a bar, so no Q on that run but she was fast!

Bosley had a not so good day. He was Mr.SniffyNose all day and I had to work hard to keep him with me. Arrggg! Just when I was saying how good he did at our last trial. He did get an Advanced Snooker Q with 40 points despite making me think on my feet when he dropped a red bar and I had to scramble to find another red to finish the opening.

Today we went to Cowley for some training. I took Bosley and his cart and we did a run through of the basic cart control exercises. We did some weaving around pylons and lots of backing up. Bosley did very well. I was especially happy with his verbal directionals - he did them without hesitating. Judi gave us lots of good tips and some great ideas to get started on our DDX work.
Both Maggie and Bosley did some heeling and they both were very focused even with all the new dogs practicing around them. There were a couple other Berners there and before we went home, Maggie got a chance to visit and play with them a bit. It was a good day.


  1. Maggie was amazing Kim!!!! And Bos, well who knows, but man, with the way you handled that snooker, with him, it was awesome!

    I love seeing him doing his carting too, and Maggie's heeling was incredible too!

    p.s. thanks for the chocolate on the weekend :)

  2. Congrats on your steeplechase!!! Diana

  3. Hi = I'm a new follower with a 1 yr old Berner. Live in North Central Minnesota, and want to get a cart, harness and learn drafting. Your dogs are doing well with the agility. We've done obedience training, and now finishing Canine Good Citizen classes. Can you email me sites for ordering harnesses, etc.? thanks, JoLynn from West Side of Straight = nilsonjlps70@yahoo.com