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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


We had a huge spring storm pass through our area that left lots of heavy, wet snow. It is the perfect type of snow for making snowballs. I was tossing some snowballs at Bosley and he tried his hardest to catch them.

Get Ready . . . Here it Comes . . .

I Think I Got It

Here Comes Another One . . . This One Looks HUGE

. . . Open Wide . . .


  1. Little Bos looks crazy in the last picture haha. He does love catching snowballs though, I think it's his favourite part about winter. I like the one where he's trying to catch the snowball laying down, it looks like he's trying to make a doggie snow angel he he
    Love you Mom

  2. LOVE the new blog!!!!
    That was one seriously huge snowball! LOL!!

  3. BOL!
    What a cutie pie! The snowball looks HUGE!!

  4. Bos and Mags must just be lovin' that southern Alberta "spring"! For them, another foot of snow is a bonus!
    Hey, I like your "new look"!

  5. April 28.....
    Get ready Bosley and Maggie for a lot more fun! There's more snow on the way!!