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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lethbridge Dog Show

This weekend was our local dog show. I didn't have either dog entered, but I still got to enjoy the show. I was a ring steward for obedience all weekend. I learned a lot from working in the ring - mostly by listening to the judges comments. Some judges talk to the ring stewards a lot about what they did and didn't like about each team's performance. It was nice to interact with the judges and see them as "people" rather than just the "scary judge". The judges really want all the teams to do well and are genuinely disappointed when good teams fail because of a small error.

I also had the pleasure of watching some really good obedience teams this weekend. There were some very nice performances, including a perfect 200 score. The judge who gave the 200 said it was only the 2nd perfect score she has given in 28 years of judging. I also really loved watching the non-traditional obedience breeds perform. There was an amazing Italian Greyhound, that is a very accomplished obedience dog (I think he has an OTCHX) - he was fun to watch. There was also a whippet in Novice A that was a good little dog that came oh-so-close to qualifying today.

Oh, and I just want to mention to anyone who may want to go watch an obedience trial. Please, please, please don't take food and sit right at ringside and eat it. Yes, our dogs are supposed to be proofed for these kind of distractions, but it still doesn't make it right. This weekend, while a Novice A dog was doing it's off-leash heeling pattern, an older couple came to the ring with a big order of fries and gravy. They sat right at a ring barrier (practically leaning on it) eating their fries as the dog heeled past them. It was too much temptation for the dog and he ran over to them, where the couple cooed and smiled at the dog as the handler tried to get the focused on her again. I felt so bad for the handler.

After the show today, I came home and practiced some Open Obedience stuff with Bosley. Being at the trials helped to inspire me a bit and motivate me to get working harder to get in the Open ring. I really can't wait until it is my turn to be in the ring again - I think I see it as a less scary place now.


  1. the older couple were probably the same ones the came & cooed over Kort & patted & patted his neck coat down, just after I had it all set "up"!
    I smiled politely & brushed it up when the left...
    ordinary people just don't know, there really should be a sign posted for obedience..No Food Past This Point!

  2. i am glad you had such a great experience!