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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Precious Cargo

Yesterday, the Lethbridge and District Kennel Club hosted RDog (Responsible Dog Ownership Day).  There were many different demos going on including agility, disc dog, freestyle obedience and a demo of the Canine Good Neighbour test.   Bosley was asked to do a carting demo, which he happily agreed to.  Now what good is a carting demo, if you don't have something to pull in the cart.  Gyp graciously volunteered to to be Bosley's "freight" for the day.

(Thanks to Sarah's brother for taking the photos)
Thanks for helping us out with our demo Gyp!


  1. you both look like you are having a blast!....make that, all "3" of you look like you're having a blast!!!

  2. awwww Gyppie thought that was so fun :) Jane wants to go for a ride next!! But she requests a pillow ....

    Thanks for taking Gyppie for a ride, Bosley!! You are a true gentleman!

  3. so cute :0) she is so precious and he is a true gentleman ! very sweet

  4. I loved seeing this! Aww!! Gyp is a good dog too! I hope Scout will want to pull a cart one day!