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Monday, September 7, 2009

ACDCC Agility Trial Adventures

This weekend the Australian Cattle Dog Club of Canada hosted a CKC agility trial near Edmonton.  Amanda and I loaded up the dogs Friday afternoon and headed out.  The trial was quite small but it was fun and the weather was nearly perfect.

I was very pleased with Maggie this weekend.  She had a couple of pokey runs, but didn't try to leave the ring and she didn't refuse any jumps just because she didn't feel like jumping.  She tried hard and got a Intermediate Standard 'Q'  (1st place) on Saturday and an Excellent JWW 'Q' (1st place) on Sunday.  She should have had another Standard 'Q', but apparently when you are following the numbered cones on course, there is a number between 11 and 13.  Who knew?  Yup, I messed up her beautiful run by missing a jump.

Bosley had a good weekend too.  On Saturday he 'Q'd 3 out 4 runs, finishing his Intermediate Standard title and his Intermediate JWW title.  On Sunday he moved up to Excellent and he got a Standard 'Q' and a JWW 'Q'.  He placed 1st in all his runs except one, where he placed 2nd.  I was happy with the way he ran and except for a couple times that he gawked at what was going on  outside the ring, he was really focused.  He was a good boy and is doing really well for only his 3rd trial.

I guess I can't blog about my weekend without mentioning the ambulance ride.  Yup, that was me - hauled off in an ambulance to the hospital.  It wasn't even an agility related injury or anything.  We were packing up to leave for the day and I got stung by two wasps.  I had an allergic reaction and someone have me benadryl, but I started to feel like it was hard to swallow and my tongue felt swollen.  Luckily, there was a paramedic and nurse at the trial and they called the ambulance.  I started to feel much better while in the hospital waiting room, so I didn't wait to see a doctor - I just wanted to get home.  Thanks to everyone who helped out at the show grounds.  A big thanks to Julia and Pat who got Amanda and I safely back to Calgary.
I hope I don't have any more adventures like that.


  1. you had a great weekend Kim- your handling is so good, and your dogs- especially Bosley are very in tune with you.

    You should be very proud of yourself!

  2. You AND your dogs rock, way to go!!!! Did you get any on Video??


  3. Ok, you probably already know this. But you should call your doctor so next time you can have an epi-pen ready if you need it. Im glad you were ok. Diana

  4. great weekend Kim, except for the wasps of course!, congrats on your new titles!

  5. Congrats to your dogs! And you definitely should carry an epi-pen w/ you. My dad does and it saved his life one time while he was on a hike and got stung several times.