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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Visiting The Vet

Bosley does not like going to visit the vet. In general, Bosley is a dog that does not like people he doesn't know touching him, so that makes going to the vet stressful for him.  In addition to that,  when he was a puppy, he had a couple vet emergencies(involving eating inappropriate objects), where some not-so-good things happened when he went to the clinic.  

For the past few days, there has been something not quite right with Bosley.  He would cry when he opened his mouth wide - to yawn or grab his kong.  I checked his mouth and teeth and nothing seemed out of place.  Then I started to notice that when he made little yawns (he can't open his mouth very wide) he would always tilt his head to the right.  He was also shaking his head lots and scratching at his right ear a lot. I thought maybe he had an ear infection, but his ear wasn't gunky and didn't smell.  So off to the vet we went.  

Bosley was great at the vet today.  He ran right up to the door and ran in when I opened it.  Usually when he realizes where we are, he puts on the brakes and I have to pull him in.  He didn't tremble (like he usually does) when we were in the waiting room, although he was a bit nervous.  He greeted all the staff and let everyone pet him.  He wasn't too happy about getting his temperature taken, but really, who is?  He was even great with the vet and she commented on how well behaved and laid back he was.  He was a very good boy.

The vet said the reason that it hurts to open his mouth is one of three things: a ocular abscess; inflamed/overused muscles in his head/jaw; or an inner-ear infection.  His eyes didn't hurt when she pushed on them, so she didn't think that it was an abscess behind his eye.  The muscles on his head didn't seem inflamed or sore and his ear up to the ear drum looked good.  The only thing she couldn't look at was his inner ear, so she thinks that he has an inner-ear infection, which would explain all his symptoms.  Hopefully that is all it is and the antibiotics will clear it up quickly.


  1. awww poor Bosley, i hope he his ear infection heals up quick!

  2. I hope Bosley's condition improves soon. It must be terrible for him not to be able to grab his Kong! And it must be a worry for you too. I am sure he will be better before long.

  3. I hope he feels better soon. Diana

  4. poor bos! but what a good boy for being so well behaved at the vet!

  5. I hope Bosley feels better soon! Glad to hear he was good at the vet's office.

  6. Sending get well wishes to poor Bosley!!

  7. poor Bosley!..maybe a big bad ant crawled into his ear at agility the other day...these things happen for real!
    The other thing that crossed my mind was a splinter in his throat...did the vet look down there?

  8. Sarah and I were commenting on the high manintenance of our boys... you can join the club :) I hope he gets better soon

  9. Hope Bosley feels better soon!!! From Koda!

  10. We sure hope that Bosley is feeling better!

    It sounds very unpleasant.

    Chasing my tale...
    Addie, Lucie, and Hailey