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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oh, Canada!

Today is Canada's 142nd birthday.  To celebrate, the dogs and I went for a long hike in the coulees this morning.  We spent about an hour and a half enjoying the morning, then it started to get a bit too warm out, so we headed home.  I didn't take my camera along on our walk, but here is a picture of where we hiked today (just imagine it much greener).  We don't really follow many of the hiking paths, we just explore the coulees and hope we don't run into any skunks or porcupines.

Then later this afternoon, after Bosley had a good nap, I took him out to practice some carting.  There is a nice big field 2 blocks from my house that I thought would be perfect to practice in.  Well, it wasn't as perfect as I thought.  The weeds are very high, some past my waist, so we had to stay on the worn path.  This is not a good field to go tromping through tall grass where you can't see what is on the ground as this is an area where the rattlesnakes like to spend their summer (their winter dens are not far from here).

So we walked along the path and Bosley was so proud to be pulling his cart.  We will need to find somewhere with nice, short grass so that we can practice doing tighter turns - we didn't have enough room to do much of that today.  We also need a place that has some obstacles to practice going around.  This field is very flat and very empty - only prairie grass and snakes.

Bosley worked on backing up his cart today and was doing better than he has in the past.  He needs to be able to back it up 4 feet, so we have some work to do on that.  The hardest thing that I have found to teach him is that he is not allowed to sit or lay down while hitched to the cart.  In a draft test, that is an automatic fail.  When Bosley tries to back up the cart, he sometimes will sit as he is moving back, so I really need to work on teaching him that sitting is bad, but backing up is good.
(The cart is already coming in handy - it carried my camera and Bosley's leash.)

I hope everyone had a relaxing and fun Canada Day. Happy Birthday Canada.  Cheers!


  1. He looks so cute in his cart. Oh the things you could put in the cart. He could also carry water for you, and poop (his, not yours - I hope!)

  2. LOVE the cart! We'd love to get Avi one, but don't quite have a reason for getting it other than to say "How cool is our dog... he can pull a cart!"

  3. He does look so proud and happy w/ his cart!!