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Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend Agility Seminar

Maggie and I spent this weekend at a Kim Collins agility seminar.  This was part 3 of a 3 part seminar that started way back in January.  After the first seminar in January, I felt very overwhelmed with how much Maggie and I needed to work on.  

I thought that this session of the seminar was great.  We learned lots and got good feedback from Kim.  There were less people at this session, so maybe that made a difference.  We did lots of technical handling  on some very difficult courses, which I really enjoyed.  Kim showed me how to teach a 180 degree turn away from me, on a verbal cue only (I always used an arm cue, which is not the most effective) - which is very useful in a gamble situation as well as regular courses.  

There is one part of the weekend where your handling is critiqued by Kim.  In the January session, I think that I had "need to work on" comments for nearly every sequence in the handling course.  This weekend, Kim had some "needs to work on" comments, but there were also some "good" comments.  She even liked Maggie's weaves (she was super fast yesterday) and she liked how I handled the threadle and the 270.  

We were really challenged this weekend and learned so much, that I will need to go back and look at my notes to remember everything that we did. 

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  1. Good Job Maggie!

    You are so very talented!