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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Herding Lesson

Maggie "gettin' those sheep"!

Maggie getting some reassurance from Scott.

Bosley working the sheep.

"I wonder if a sheep tail would make a good tug toy?"
Thanks to Sarah for taking the great pictures.

Yesterday we went out to Scott and Jenny's for another herding lesson.  Both dogs were much calmer and they both got to be off-leash with the sheep.  Maggie was a little hesitant to chase them at first - perhaps she thought she would get in trouble - but soon she was making some nice circles around them.  She did get a little enthusiastic at times and would bite the sheep on the butts.  She also decided that barking at them would be fun.  Neither biting or barking is really allowed, but since she is just learning the very basics, Scott said that a little of each is OK for now.

Bosley was very calm with the sheep yesterday and would just trot along behind them.  He really has no clue what to do with them, but he does know what to do with  the sheep poo - eat it.  He spent much of his time hoovering up the sheep poo and checking out the sheep pen.  Hopefully he did enough exploring yesterday that the next time we go out, he will actually pay more attention to the sheep.

After we got home from herding lessons, I ironed some laundry (I actually ironed - amazing, I know) and the dogs had a nap.  I finished my ironing and I thought I would take the dogs for a walk.  When Maggie got up from her napping spot she had a very pronounced limp on her front.  At one point in her sheep herding, her legs went out from under her and she fell.  It seems that she must have pulled or strained something in her shoulder or front leg - although I do not feel any warm areas.  The limp gets better as she moves around, but it is quite bad when she first starts walking.  So, it seems as if Maggie will need a few days of rest. 


  1. Take good care of your leg Maggie!

    Herding sheep sounds like a lot of fun. I hope to meet some sheep someday!

  2. Sounds like you guys had fun! Oooh, I bet Bosley looooved the sheep poopie. He got some overdose of minerals & protein! Kekeke! Poor Maggie. Hope her leg gets better soon.

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  3. I hope Maggie is OK, the same thing happened to Wicca last time - Amanda thinks it could even be from the uneven ground or the rocks, I hope she gets better fast.

    They did really good yesterday, I was very impressed!!

  4. I am glad they did so good- too bad I had to miss it!!!

    I would for sure give Maggie the week off.

    Let me know if you need some antiinflammatories. I have plenty