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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Putting the "Fun" Back in Obedience

Last night, Maggie got to tag along with Bosley and I when we went to Rally Obedience practice.  This was the first time that I have done any obedience with Maggie since our Saskatoon trial, which was about 6 weeks ago  (Maggie has been on an obedience "break" since then).  I gave her a break to try to get some enthusiasm back in her obedience work.  Ever since I put her in the Novice Obedience ring in August (where she had a total ring meltdown) she has not been interested in doing any obedience, even Rally, which she loves.

I love doing obedience with Maggie because she tries really hard and is technically quite good when she is "on".  Last night was a good night for her.  I did a very quick warm up with her and then a fun little Rally course(the rest of the time she had to watch me work with Bosley). I gave her lots of praise and cookies through the whole course and she did great.  She was back to her spunky, fun self.  I sure wish she could be like that in the ring.

This is one of my favorite pictures (taken by Sarah).  It is Maggie and I at our first ever Rally Obedience trial (APDT).  It was such a great day and even though we didn't qualify (I messed up, not Maggie) I was so proud of how Maggie did  our very first time in the ring.
I am going to take my time to try to get Maggie ring ready again.  She needs to know that obedience is fun, even when we are at a trial.  So for now we will do short,fun obedience exercises with lots of rewards and praise and hopefully she will be back to her usual goofy self in no time.


  1. Maggie is so beautiful and we love that you are doing agility and rally!

    Love, Dozer, Dots and Coop

  2. I sure hope she gets back to her "happy" self again!

  3. Man, Maggie is totally like ME! I HATE Obedience even from the 1st day I learned it. I just don't like it. Maybe it's becoz it's too strict & too structural. I hate structural stuff. I like fun sports like Agility & Flyball & even Canine Musical Freestyle. I HATE it when I have to do things the perfect way like for example, why do I have to walk by her left side only? There's so much other space around her. Why waste it right? And if I do it wrongly, I get corrected or jerked.

    Anyway, I've taken quite a looooong break from OB & just entered for a trial last two weeks & I did VERY well! So well that Mommy was in shock. I am usually a wreck in the ring. I purposely make myself like that becoz I know, it's the same ol same ol boring structural routine thing again. But this time I enjoyed working with Mommy for the very 1st time. I did so well but did not win not becoz of my fault nor Mommy's, but it was the judge's for being inconsistent in what he was doing. There was a huge controversy about him on that day & many dogs who did well like Amber, got terrible placings & marks. Those dogs who broke their stays, were given 2nd chance (when actually they were not supposed to have any) & won. A dog even won 1st place even after breaking the down-stay!!!

    Mommy just uploaded a video of it in YouTube. No one has left any response yet so could you just check it out & then give us some feedback becoz we would love to hear from people like you especially when you know & understand OB very well. At least just as much as Mommy. Mommy is still confuse & need someone to tell her how I got such bac marks & placing. Just search for 64th MKA OB Trial.


    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer