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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Clean Carpets; Happy Dogs

Today we had our carpets cleaned, which makes me very happy.  When you have dogs it does not take too long for the carpets to start to look a little like . . . well . . . you have dogs.  It is easy to understand why having clean carpets make me happy, but the dogs are happy too.  

2 Happy Dogs

They don't really care that the carpets are clean, what they care about is this: 
No furniture in the living room!  Furniture really gets in the way of playing and wrestling.

Right now there is lots of room to wrestle without slamming into the couch or coffee table.

There is room to get a bit wild . . .

. . . get a bit crazy . . .

. . .  and have some fun.

I hope they enjoy it.  Tonight the furniture gets put back where it belongs and the dogs will once again have to wrestle around the furniture (dog forbid they should actually wrestle and play outside).

This is my favorite picture. The dogs' expressions make me laugh. Maggie has her typical "nutty" play expression and Bosley is being his usual goofy self.  Bosley outweighs Maggie by 25 pounds and could really kick Maggie's furry butt.  Instead, he is the first to roll over and always lets Maggie beat him up.


  1. guess what we're next!! we HAVE to do ours too, it has ben far too long!

    do you do it yourself?/

    we've always had ours done for us - our carpet area isn't huge, and I would HATE to do our stairs!!!

    That is on my list for next week!!!!

  2. They look like they had a blast! I can only imagine those two huge beasties wrestling! My two can have a full-on pounce-and-growl bout of Sheltie Wars without even leaving my queen sized bed. I don't even know if Bosley would fit on there himself! haha

    Cleaning the carpets is probably a good idea before the winter catches up to us. I know my place could use a good spit-shine. Thanks for reminding me!

  3. funny sarah, I just talked to Kim about who she got as I am getting mine done too- hopefully next week!

    i hate carpets...

    hey, kim has either of them threw up on it yet?

  4. No puke yet . . but you know it is bound to happen.

  5. You all have to let me know who does it b/c Sadie has decided she no longer has to poop outside!!! gross.....