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Sunday, January 25, 2015


Bosley and I have been doing ScentHurdle racing for a few years now and Rundle is just starting to learn the game. It is a fun sport to play and Bolsey loves it. The sport has really taken off in the last couple years, with many new teams in Alberta and some brand new teams in BC.  It is exciting to see the sport grow. Although it is a timed race and you want your team to win, everyone cheers for all teams, especially when a new dog makes their debut.  

ScentHurdle is a CKC Versatility event, meaning that although CKC recognizes the titles, it cannot be held at the same time as other CKC sanctioned events. So, we have to race after all other events at a dog show are done. This makes for some late nights, especially when lots of teams are entered. We recently got permission to run independent races that are not in conjunction with a CKC show. That is great news for the sport as it will give us more opportunity to race and allow more teams to enter.  The Canadian Scenthurdle Racing Association recently started to issue its own certificates.  If you want an official one from CKC, it costs money to get one, but the CSHRA ones are free! Bosley just got his from the title he earned last year - ScentHurdle Masters Dog, which means he had to earn 500 racing points, which is a lot of racing. As far as I know, Bosley is the only Bernese to have any ScentHurdle titles.  He loves playing the game and hopefully he will continue to want to play for a long time. 

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