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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

BIg Brother

Bosley has been an amazing big brother to Rundle. I wasn't sure how Bosley would adapt to his new role, but I think he is really enjoying it.  He is gentle with Rundle and now that Rundle has learned it is not nice to bite tails and ears, Bosley doesn't hide out on the bed or couch anymore.  The best thing is that Bosley actually plays!  Bosley has never been much into playing with other dogs.  Even in puppy kindergarten, when the other puppies were playing, he was wandering around the room trying to find treats that people dropped.  He played with Maggie on occasion, but she was so over-the-top in her playing style, that they didn't really mesh in the playing department.  Outside of our home, I think there has only been one dog that has ever really got him to play.  Bosley is just not into playing with other dogs.

Now that Rundle is here, that has changed!  Bosley actually plays - he plays tug, and chase and bitey face.  He is very tolerant of Rundle's playfulness and will usually join in when Rundle asks.  Bosley even asks Rundle to play by grabbing a toy and shoving it in Rundle's face.  It is very cute and makes my heart smile to see Bosley playing.  Bosley even played bowed to Rundle - this is something he has never done before, ever!


  1. Bosley is a good big brother :)

  2. Oh Rundle is just too cute :') Bosley really sounds like a great big brother to Rundle.