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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Nice Day For A Walk

When the dogs and I went on our walk this afternoon, I decided to take one of my favourite routes starting at the University ending at Indian Battle Park (and of course back again).  We haven't taken this route for a while, so I was excited to get going.

We drove into the parking lot and right near the spot where I always park were a herd of deer.  Here are two of them, wondering why we were interrupting their grazing.

This picture was taken from my car window - those deer aren't too scared.

The dogs started barking at them, so they decided they would move on a bit.

So we started our walk.  The first part of the walk is all downhill.  The hill is long and fairly steep.  This picture is near the top and if you look carefully, you can see two people on the trail ahead of us - they are at about the half way point of the hill.  Our walk takes us down the hill, then over the pedestrian river bridge (which is where the road is that you see to the left) and then to Indian Battle Park which is in the area of the large suspension bridge on the far left of the picture.

Here we stopped in the park for a water break and to take some pictures.

This is the picture I used for Maggie's 52 week project.  While I was taking pictures of Maggie, I told Bosley to go lay down.  He decided the perfect place was in the shade behind the bench Maggie was on.  You can see his big head if you look behind the bench.  Funny.

We wandered around the park, which was very busy today, and then we headed home.  This is the path heading back towards the University.  Things are slowly starting to get green.

And of course, what goes down, must go back up.  Here we are on the long walk back up the hill.  This is about at the half way point.  I needed to stop and take off my jacket - it's a lot harder work walking back up.

So, a very nice, enjoyable walk today.  The dogs thought it was a bit too warm though - they are still wishing it was snowy.


  1. I think I want to move to Canada!! It's very pretty there I see:-) What is on Bosley's legs(in the 5th picture)?

  2. Hi Erica,
    Bosley is wearing his easy-walk harness in that photo. Although he is usually a good walker on leash, I use the easy walk so he doesn't suddenly decide to pull me down a steep hill (learned that the hard way). He also does not always like other dogs so the easy walk keeps him from suddenly lunging at a dog if I am not expecting it.

  3. Hey Kim...Neena and I waved at you, you were just headed back across the bridge and we were doing our river bottom loop! Was a fantastic day for a walk!

  4. Jenilee sorry I didn't see you :(
    I am usually off in my own little world when we are out walking. If I knew you and Neena were there we could have done a lap if the park together.

  5. Kim, we must get together for a walk so you can show me this route!, looks great, well except for the big hill on the way back :))

  6. Is it a bit more practical then the gentle leader? Our neighbors tried the gentle leader on their berner and it worked horribly.. now they have gone to this prong collar thing.. I should bring that up to them... looks more comfortable!!

  7. Jolene, I am up for a walk anytime :) Another of my favourite walks starts at the sugarbowl and goes to the country club then back around behind tudor. There is only one big hill but it has lots of stairs to climb. There are benches to sit on so you can rest on the way up.

    The gentle leader head harness takes a lot for some dogs to get used to. The easy walk harness does not have an adjustment period, it just needs to be fitted correctly in order for it to work properly. I like it because I can keep the leash on the regular collar and just switch to the harness in places where I might need it.

  8. when do you walk Kim??? say on the weekends?? I have to bath the boys this weekend for the trial but maybe after ??