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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

These Boots Were Made For Walking

I finally got a new pair of winter boots.  My old pair was heavy and bulky and made my ankles hurt because they weren't very "bendy".  I found some pretty Sorels on sale and I had a hard time choosing between the red tartan pattern or these pink beauties.  I didn't really need to wear them today because it was warm and there is not much snow left, but I wore them anyway.  They are great!  They are light and I can actually climb hills without my ankles and legs screaming at me.

Oh, I got some pictures of the dogs today too.  I hardly ever take my camera with me on walks and today I had my camera but forgot to take pictures until we were heading home.

Maggie and Bosley are racing to get back to me . . .

Bosley pulls into the lead . . .

Bosley wins with Maggie close behind.

Hi Maggie!

I am not sure what Maggie is doing in the picture.  Sneezing?  Laughing at Bosley?  Watching a bird?  Who knows.

The dogs had fun romping in the coulees (even if they are bare of snow) and I had fun stomping around in my new boots.


  1. Cute pics and I love the boots!!!!

    ~The Mama Monster

  2. love your boots! I need new Sorels, I think I would really like the red tartan!...where did you get them !
    PS, Maggie is sneezing :))

  3. What a beautiful pair of Berners! My Max is enjoying his snow!

  4. Those are mighty purty boots, much purtier than mine! They are just plain old black guy boots. My dogs would love to romp in those coulees and grasslands; what a great place!