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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Case Of The Missing Eggs

On Friday September 24th at approximately 4:10am Maggie and Bosley were fed their breakfast. They were given a meal of beef, organ meat and a raw egg. The very tired Food Giver forgot to put the eggs back in the fridge and left them on the counter.

At approximately 4:40am the Food Giver left the house where she last saw the dogs sound asleep in the bedroom.

At around 1:45pm, the Food Giver came home to find a crime had taken place.

Somewhere between 4:40am and 1:45 pm, 2 eggs were stolen from their carton and have disappeared.

Evidence Exhibit A: One destroyed egg carton with contents missing.

Evidence Exhibit B: Sofa with bits of egg shell left behind.

The Suspects:
Maggie is a well known counter surfer with a long list of charges and convictions. She usually shows no remorse for committing her crimes and previous punishments have not deterred her from repeat offenses.

Bosley is an opportunist rather than a ring leader. He will take advantage of any situation to suit himself. He is often seen following Maggie around reaping the benefits of her counter surfing ways. He has had charges against him in the past but the charges have always been dismissed.

The suspects have both been interrogated and neither are talking. Paw prints taken at the crime scene reveal very little as both prints from Maggie and Bosley have been found. Since they live in the room were the crime took place, we expected to find their prints. However, no other paw prints were found in the vicinity. We still do not know exactly who stole the eggs. We still do not know the whereabouts of the missing eggs, but we have our suspicions and we are not holding out much hope of finding the eggs alive. This crime is still under investigation.

If anyone has any further information regarding this heinous crime, please call:



  1. In defense of the dogs, "Innocent until proven guilty!"

  2. That's great Kim. I love the way they are both smiling in their mug shots. Neither looks like they regret a thing.

  3. haha, awesome post.

    pixel is jealous of their naughty-ness... :)

  4. that is so totally funny Kim!!
    great post:))

  5. Hilarious post. I was laughing so hard my husband had to come and see what was so funny and he laughed too! Thanks for entertaining us.... and I hope the guilty party is soon found and punished for their wicked deed :)

  6. Left alone, they will be naughty! cute post. Our Jack Russell is the quilty party in our house. He especially loves M & M's. Ya, I know, no choc for dogs. He hasn't gotten sick yet. Thank goodness, it doesn't happen often. Have a great week. jo

  7. it was Colin i tells ya, he's trying to set them up!

  8. I am laughing! Scout thinks maybe a kitty did it...