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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Maggie In Rally Class

The other night was the last night of our latest session of Rally Obedience. Amanda set up a tough Novice course and we had a mock trial. I was super happy with Maggie - she was upbeat with no signs of stress.

She has been doing so well in class and is finally happy doing obedience again. I would love to take her back in the ring again. She only needs one more leg for her Rally Advanced title and 2 more legs for her CD, but I am worried that if I take her in the "real ring" she will shut down again. I worked hard to get her happy to do obedience again and would hate to ruin all that work. I will try to do a few more fun matches at new places and see how it goes and decide from there.


  1. Maggie looked real good! I liked the way she maintained eye contact with you throughout the exercise. Go Girl!

  2. Wow Maggie! You are one smart dawg!!


  3. Maggie is so sharp! Sticks close to you - maintains eye contact - such a smart girl!!

  4. Lovely work!! She looks so happy and works beautifully.