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Monday, February 15, 2010

Birthday Agility 'Q'

Yesterday was Maggie's 5th birthday! She got to celebrate by dropping to the Veterans class in agility at a Calgary trial. I have been waiting a long time to drop her to Veterans - the 22" jumps were just too hard on her.
I only entered her in 2 runs - Masters Snooker and Advanced Standard. Her Snooker run was a bit choppy in places but we finished to the end of #6 in the closing for 40 points and a 'Q'. This is Maggie's first Masters 'Q' too, so that was exciting. I was also very happy with Maggie's Standard run. She had some speed, didn't argue with me about the table and got all her contacts! She wouldn't go near the weaves however. At this particular arena, there is something in the back area that many dogs do not like - Maggie included. We have had problems at previous trials too, where she has refused to do obstacles that are in the back of this arena. So, we had a non-completion on the weaves, but the rest of the run was great. I was very happy and Maggie was loving the lower height jumps. She can really get some speed going now that she doesn't need to struggle over the jumps.

Here is a video of Maggie's Snooker run:

Bosley did not run in the trial this weekend. Wednesday he was a bit lame on his rear leg so I pulled him from the trial. I think he slipped on the icy deck and pulled a muscle. He was still limping a teeny bit on the weekend, but seems to be good today.


  1. Happy Birthday Maggie. Lovely run and she looks so happy. Diana

  2. Happy Birthday Maggie! She looked pretty good out in the ring!

  3. Look how happy & bouncy she was!!!... just like a puppy!
    Happy Birthday Maggie & congrats on your Q !!

  4. Happy Birthday Maggie!

    That is really cute! HOw the heck do you teach them to go on the teeter totter?????


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  6. Maggie--you look pretty awesome! We terriers can't bounce as well as you--we just plow through the course with a single-minded intensity until we get distracted by something...then it's embarrassing!

    Happy Birthday!

    Buster, Persephone & Bailey

  7. Happy birthday to Maggie! We had to come over and visit your blog because my Mom and Dad are thinking about getting a Bernese Mountain Dog. Do you have any advice for us??


  8. Maggie is so beautiful! She looked so happy running thru the obstacles w/ her tail wagging! Fun to watch this!