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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sunny Skies

This weekend's weather forecast is predicting sun and hot temperatures.  Temperatures about 20 degrees warmer than last weekend.  Bernese Mountain Dogs hate the warm weather.  

This is all Maggie wants to do when it is hot out.

She is not at all impressed with the weather forecast.

Here is Bosley, soaking up some of the morning sun.

Our Regional Agility Championships are this weekend.  In the heat.  I guess that means Maggie will need to be hosed down before each run to try to pep her up a bit.  Poor Maggie - the biggest event of the year and it has to be so hot out.  Hopefully we can get most of our runs finished early while it is still a littler cooler out.


  1. Good Luck Kim !!!
    maybe I can run beside Maggie holding an umbrella....I am a volunteer after all!!

  2. Have her wear a back pack with a couple of bottles of water and a straw so she can take a slurp whenever she feels like it!
    Good luck you guys!