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Friday, January 20, 2017

Online Obedience Titles

The online dog training community has really taken off over the past few years.  There are a few online schools that are dedicated to providing quality dog training classes and there are many more individual instructors that also offer online training. I have been doing online training classes with Rundle since he was a little puppy. I have really enjoyed them - you get quality instruction and amazing individual feedback while training at your own pace and on your own time.

There has also been a growing number of online organizations that offer performance titles. There have been online trick dog titles and rally titles available for some time now. You send in a video of your performance and are scored based on predetermined criteria. Recently, the Fenzi Dog Sport Academy (where I have taken many online classes) added an obedience titling program.  Each level incorporates varying levels of difficulty of different exercises you will find in AKC obedience, stressing good foundation training.  For example, Level 1 includes scent discrimination out of 3 articles, position changes at a short distance, fronts and finishes, beginning go outs, and distraction/impulse control work, as well as other obedience behaviours. 

When I went through and read the requirements for Level 1, I was excited because this is all stuff that Rundle has been working on since he was a puppy. So I decided to give it a try and I registered Rundle and submitted a video. We got our results back and Rundle passed!  The judge was wonderful and gave us some nice comments on our exercises as well as some tips to be successful moving forward. 
Here is a link to the website that gives the exercise required for Level 1:
Fenzi Team Titles Level 1

Here is the video of Rundle passing his Level 1 Team Title.

I think Rundle has the skills to pass Level 2, so we will be working on that right away. 


  1. wow that is really cool Kim! Rundle is such a smart , hard working boy, congratulations!

  2. I have to enter my dog in something like this! Thanks for the video share, awesome post!